Well, it happened.  Yes I neglected my blog, but for a good cause.  I was working closely with Graphic Agenda to create a new face for my site.  Here is it!  I am very pleased!  Thank you Graphic Agenda!!!

I am always talking about the importance of blocking, I thought that today I would show you why it is so important and talk about one of the many ways of blocking.

I knit up the Janna’s Tunic as a trunk show piece and photographed it before and after blocking.  Here it is:

It is obvious the difference that blocking makes especially with this yarn choice- I used Louet Euroflax Sport.  The Linen yarn is more on the “crunchy” side before blocking and looks all kinky and lumpy.  After blocking the yarn smoothed out and held a beautiful drape.  Another thing that blocking helped was the detail of the stitches, on the left the pleats look lumpy mess, on the right they are beautifully formed pleats.

I decided to wet block the tunic because the Euroflax needs a heavy blocking.  To block this piece I placed it in the washing machine on mini and let it fill up with water.  Then I put in some Soak- the bottle says to put in 5ml for every gallon… I just squeeze the bottle a few times (no worries- if it’s too much it just smells extra good).  Then I let it sit for about 15-20 minutes.  Do not let your machine to agitate.  Even though linen is not a fiber that will felt it will begin to fuzz (very unattractive).  After your garment has Soaked for a 15-20 minutes run it through the spin cycle until all the extra water has been removed.  Then I pulled out the garment and gave it a nice good air-whacking (what’s that?) Air -whacking:  It’s when you hold the garment by the shoulder straps and flip it over and behind your head.  Then with full force flip it back down so it hits your legs.  Do this a few times to get out all the folds from the spin cycle.  Place it on a hanger and wait for it to dry.  Then depending on the outside temperature you can wear this garment in 3 hours (on a hot hot day) – 48 hours (on a damp and cold day).

And in the spirit of happy blocking Janna’s Tunic pattern is 15% off on Ravelry with the coupon-code: airwhacking good now through January 31st 11:59 pm PT. Block On!!!

3 Responses to The Importance of Blocking!

  1. Great post Grace! Hey, and I love the new look of your website and the brand new gravitar. Congratulations!

  2. Wonderful explanation of air whacking… I always wondered what it was called! ;) love the new look!

  3. Thanks guys! Yes air whacking! Very important!!!

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