The knitting/cyber world had buzzing about the new Clotheshorse online knitting and crochet magazine.  I know what you’re thinking, “Oh no, not another knitting magazine.”  But this one is different.  I had the pleasure of seeing what was going into the magazine before it was published when I met up with Heather Dixon and Mindy Brown, co-founders of Clotheshorse magazine at TNNA in January.  What makes this magazine different?  Clotheshorse is a fashion forward and season appropriate magazine.  The pieces in the magazine are inspired by current runway fashions.  The selection of patterns are wonderful, they have everything from dresses to jewelry and knitting to macrame.  Clotheshorse is fashionable and wearable, there is something for everyone!



The Spring/Summer 2012 Issue has 25 fashion forward patterns.  Two of my favorite patterns are:


Peekamoose by Heather Dixon


Cobalt by Mindy Brown


The great thing about Clotheshorse Magazine is that you don’t have to buy the entire magazine if you like just one pattern.  The patterns are all sold individually so you can pick and choose what you would like to make.  If you like one pattern in the whole magazine, just buy the one.  If you like ten, then buy ten.  That’s the beauty of it!  Every issue offers a free pattern.  In this issue the free pattern is Morea a macrame necklace  that is done beautifully by Mindy Brown.

Not only does this new magazine have knitting, crochet and macrame patterns but they also have a great product review page where they reviewed products like Lavishea Lotion Bars, Soak, Knitter’s Tool Tin by the Sexy Knitter and more.  What I enjoyed most about this issue was the Interview with Amy Small of Knit Collage.  I love to read about how yarn companies were started and the inspiration and drive behind the yarns.  Amy in particular has a fun and interesting story about how she got started and her production, make sure you read the interview with Amy Small!  Another fun read was the “Shop Report.”  We all know that Purl Soho is a wonderful place- but in the “Shop Report” Jennifer Wendell wrote about Purl Soho and about the texture and color to the point where it transports you there.


I hope you enjoy this issue and all the future issues of Clotheshorse Magazine.  Mindy and Heather have been very generous as to sponsor two give-aways. Each winner will receive a free PDF of the pattern of their choice.  To enter for a chance to win all you have to do is post a comment in this blog post by Sunday March 4, 2012 by 11:59pm Pacific Time. Good luck to all who enter!

Cadmium by Jennifer Lori, Mercury by Heather Dixon & Palladium by Gyorgyi Suta

40 Responses to Please welcome Clotheshorse to the Scene & Give-Away!

  1. I like the Peekamoose pattern. It would make a cool gift for my niece.

  2. Oh my, how do I choose between Palladium or Cobalt? I guess the season indicates Palladium!

  3. I like the cover sweater, Sweet Meadow. Rav amchart

  4. I just love Cobalt! Beautiful choices.

  5. Just from this peek at clotheshorse, I’m really excited about the mag. The concept is great and the patterns are amazing. Palladium is awesome. Definitely not our grandma’s knitting!

  6. Beautiful patterns! I’ve had my eye on Arethusa for awhile now…

  7. Love the Cadmium and Cobalt. Gorgeous patterns!!!

  8. I love the patterns and I am very excited about the mag.
    My favorites are

    Just can’t pick 2

  9. Cobalt is a gorgeous pattern.

    winterlover on Rav

  10. I can’t imagine myself in Palladium – it boggles the mind! – but I think Peekamoose might just be me!

  11. I liked the bee keepers cowl…and it was a hard choice to make…so many beautiful patterns

  12. Oh hey, these look awesome!

  13. Shokan is such a lovely pattern!

    Knittinggirl13 on ravelry.

  14. Some lovely patterns, I look forward to seeing their next issue.

  15. Quite interesting designs! Cobalt really caught my eye; it’s beautiful.

  16. Great modern patterns! Can’t wait to see what is in the next issue!

  17. Great magazine. My fav is Sundown. Thanks!

  18. Love the elegance of Cobalt, but the Mercury looks like enormous fun

  19. All lovely patterns. Peekamoose would be my first choice to knit.

  20. I like the Cobalt.

  21. I love Sweet Meadows!

  22. Lots of gorgeous patterns but I particulalry love Cadmium.

  23. This magazine is a refreshing change from some existing ones on the newstand that seem to be churning out the same old every month. Lots of interesting articles too.

  24. I love these patterns. They are all just so cute.

  25. Oh and my id on Rav is PrettyPinkZebra

  26. Chromium continues to be my favorite. But I love them all! Great magazine.
    kangath on Ravelry

  27. Oh, I really like the Peekamoose sweater!

    (InJuneau on Ravelry)

  28. i love the pretty yellow sweater, sweet meadows.

  29. Great layout. I dig the Sundown shawl. But really loved the orange Westfalia VW van. Had that exact van…until the brakes went out coming down a mountain.

  30. The Peekamoose is just awesome, great patterns, very in style :)
    trot26 on Rav

  31. Wow these patterns are really beautiful! I love how these vests just drape so nicely!! Thank you for being so generous and sharing with us as readers! I can’t wait to see what other patterns that the magazine will feature next!

  32. I saw your Olga pattern on the Knit Girllls video cast and I love it I like your shawl patterns too.

  33. I love those sweaters!

  34. Loved the free Morea pattern, I haven’t done macrame in years!

  35. I love the look of patterns in this issue of the magazine. My Ravelry name is linnalark. ;-)

  36. Sweet! I just checked out CH and it is great! Loads more patterns that I would make. Great job!!

  37. I wish they’d give away that haircut too. I just love that Clara Bow haircut. And the Cobalt pattern’s pretty cool too ;)

    – Leslie (Keppele on Ravelry)

  38. Sounds like a great new magazine!

  39. Congratulations to Debbie from Maplewood, MN and Amanda from Raleigh, NC on winning the Cotheshorse give-away! Enjoy your patterns ladies!

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