I have been preparing for TNNA the last month (not including all the knitting) and that is where I am today.  I thought, well since I’m out of town and I wont really have time to blog, I will pre-blog and host a give-away! Woohoo!

Here’s the scoop- ONE lucky winner will receive four hanks of the Fibre Co Terra (one of my favorite yarns) in the color Redwood along with size Lantern Moon size 7 U.S. Ebony needles (my absolute favorite needles) as well as a PDF of my Staggered Ladders Scarf pattern.



To enter this drawing all you have to do is “Like” my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter… or both (to increase your chances).  Please make sure that you enter yourself into the drawing by Sunday, July 1st, 2012.  Good luck to all!!!


I know I said I was going to go to the Cherry Festival last weekend, but then I found out about the Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival (which was the same weekend) and I decided to go there instead.  I thought to myself I like crafts more than I like cherries…. plus, it was waaaaay closer!  Patchwork was held in what I think might have been a parking lot in the historic Helms Bakery in Culver City.



There were over 100 vendors…. it seems like a lot, but it’s not that much…. Also I was promised some DIY workshops and there were none.  It was very disappointing – but I got over it.

There were lots of fun vendors…. and many of their products were made from re-purposed or up-cycled materials, which I love!  Say the work up-cycled or re-purposed when trying to sell me something and chances are that I will buy it.  There was a fun little vendor- Make Shop Live that had a ton of re-purposed products…. like bottle caps!  They made magnets and pin-cushion rings out of bottle caps! How can you not fall in love?!  Here are a few photos of their booth space:




There was also a vendor who will “Pimp Your Bike!”  - SpokeNWheel Designs - this vendor is all about bike bells! Yes, bike bells! She had all kinds, sushi ones, eyeballs, letters and more…. but I ordered a custom bell…. I’ll post a quick picture when it comes.  Can’t wait to share with you- but in the meantime here are some of her other bells:




All in all, it was a pretty fun day.  I was hoping for some DIY projects, but I ended up buying quite a bit of fun stuff instead.  After the fair we all (the girls from the shop and myself) headed over to Father’s Office for lunch and beer.  Yum.  Hopefully next time the craft fair is in town I’ll know a little bit earlier and give you all a little heads up so you can go experience it for yourself.


Make sure you go out there tomorrow and spread the joy of knitting and/or crochet by yarn bombing out in public!  If you don’t have time, don’t worry!  You can yarn bomb on any day of the year.  Just go out there and pick a spot that is very public (or private if you’re a little weary) and bomb away.  No time? No problem…. get out those swatches that you’ve been collecting and find something to wrap them around.  It can be anything from a stop sign to a door handle, get fun and creative.  And remember – a good strong seam is very very important!!!

I have lived in LA all of my life and have never taken advantage of the wonderful and interesting things and events this city and southern California have to offer.  Rory and I decided we want to start attending more local events… like festivals.  So we have a few planned for the upcoming months, like the Beaumont Cherry Festival and the Gilroy Garlic Festival (I have wanted to go for so many years). But two Sundays ago was the Oxnard Strawberry Festival.

So we got to the festival and one of the first things I saw was this lost and found sign.  Lost your car keys and your child? Don’t worry we have now combined the two into one amazing lost and found location!!! How convenient! … only at a festival will you find a sign like this.


Rory and I skipped breakfast that day and we were very excited to get our hands on some strawberry themed food (after all that is why we came).  First up was, of course the chocolate covered strawberries.  Mmmm…..



Then we made our way through the vendor area where there were tons of local artists and vendors selling all kinds of interesting things.  From left to right- there was a guy who would re-purpose or up-cycle silverware and turn them into something interesting and functional (like a napkin holder), there was a woman who made these gorgeous stained glass pieces, and a man who had hand carved wooden bowls.




Next we found our way (by nose) to the funnel cakes. Wow and Yum! We shared “The Works” with cinnamon sugar instead of powdered sugar (just to mix it up a bit).  We devoured that thing in less than 10 minutes… not quite a record, but for me it was.  Here is a picture of our delicious funnel cake – with strawberries of course.



After we finished eating we noticed that there was a whole funnel cake making line behind the tent.  It was absolutely mesmerizing to watch all these people making the funnel cakes.  Here are some photos I took – they make me want another funnel cake now!




Next Rory and I walked around for a bit and watched a pie throwing contest…. unfortunately it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be…. maybe because it was little kids throwing the pies… there wasn’t much of a thrill.  We walked around a bit more and watched some live music.

Then we decided to get something more substantial to eat… Ha!  We went with the beer battered garlic and crab fries. Oh yeah! Gotta love fair food!  It was actually some of the best fries I have ever had and most definitely the best thing I ate that day.  Here is a glorious photo of the fries. Wow!!!



All in all it was a pretty good experience.  I have never been to a food festival before and wasn’t sure what to expect.  We only stayed for about three-ish hours…. and I probably wont go again.  But we had good food, a good time and a good day.  And of course we left with a case of strawberries (I froze some to make ice-cream with when I find the time).  Here is Rory with the case of strawberries…. and look a celebrity citing behind him…. STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!!!