It’s gettin’ close to that time, we are almost done with the KAL.  This week we will discuss ow to insert a decorative slit on the side of the vest and then we will review the second armhole.  Next week is our very last week for the KAL and we will discuss the button bands as well as blocking.  If I don’t post a picture of the finished garment next week you will have to forgive me because I am out of the country and flying in right before the next KAL post.  If I don’t post a picture of the finished garment next week, then I will shortly after- that’s a promise.

So when your vest measures the same distance from the lifeline to the armhole as the other half then you are ready to start the second armhole.  When I reached this point I had to TINK (knit backwards) one row because I wanted to work the slit before the armhole and the slit has to be started on a wrong side row.  One thing to keep in mind if you are making the slit that you MUST bind off an even number of stitches, if you don’t it will throw off your stitch pattern.

I decided that I wanted a slit that was only 16 sts in depth.  If you decide to make a deeper slit, that’s okay too.  I suggest putting a lifeline the row before you make the slit (and making a note so you know which row in the stitch pattern your lifeline lies).  If you don’t like the depth of your slit you can always take it out the lifeline and start over.  But remember, always work an even number of stitches for the slit.

It is also a good idea to keep your work in pattern when binding off for the slit, just as you did for the previous armhole.  If you decide that you don’t really feel comfortable with keeping the bind off in pattern and you just want to bind off purl wise then try going down a needle size or two just for the bind off- but watch out because your stitches might flare.

Below are a series of photos of the slit in progress:




Decide how many stitches you would like to bind off, in my case 16 sts.  With wrong side facing bind off an even number of sts in pattern and work to end of row. On the next right side row (this is your the first row for your armhole), work the armhole pattern as you worked the first one then work to end of row (as written in the pattern).  Then using the crochet cast on as discussed in week three cast on the same number of stitches you bound off for the slit.

If you made any modifications and notes to the first armhole this is when you would refer to them.  The second armhole is worked exactly as the first one in week three.

After you have worked both you slit and your armhole thread in another lifeline but do not remove the slit lifeline (just in case you change your mind about the slit).   Make a note of the placement of each lifeline and continue to work in pattern until the length after the second armhole is the same length as the first armhole to the cast on.

Please let me know if you have any questions- you can post them here, Ravelry or Facebook or email them to

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