I hope you have all enjoyed the holiday season and the 11 days of Knitmas on the Yarn on the House blog!!!  We had something else planned fro the 12th day- but as you may know things don’t always go according to your plans.  So for the 12th day of Knitmas we have decided to give away 3 pattern (PDF) bundles of the 6 patterns that have been featured on the blog! That includes: Bumble Stripes, Seaweed Scarf, Walt’s Tangled Cables, Rippling Lace, Random Stripes & Olana Shawl. That means that three winners will get those 6 patterns!


To enter to win all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post telling me which of the 6 patterns is your favorite! Make sure to leave your comment by 11:59pm PT on 01/01/13.  On Wednesday Jan 2nd I will announce the winners, so make sure you check back to claim your prize! You must claim your prize by Saturday 01/05/13 or your prize will be forfeited and will go to the next lucky winner!  Good luck to all and have a happy and safe new year!

Fist and foremost I would like to apologize for not posting in almost two weeks… so sorry!  Now the excuse- I came down with a little cold and then after I got better my site was undergoing a host transfer… I don’t really understand what that means except I wasn’t allowed to post anything new for a few days.  But I’m back baby! And with a bang!

Normally this time of year I get a little cranky because of all the Christmas music and mall traffic…. it’s always over the top.  For some reason this year we are less one “Bah Humbug!” I’m not saying you’ll catch me caroling in the streets… my Jewish mother would kill me, but I’m not grouchy this year :) .  I thinks it’s because I have been spending a lot more time at home and the holiday season isn’t taking over my life the way it usually does.  A friend of mine gave me the little tree you see in the picture above – it’s only about 8″ tall.  I am feeling so cheery that I even decorated it with garland (crochet chain in some tinsel yarn), ornaments (gold crystal beads with wire), tree skirt (cotton roving sliver), and of course I topped it off with a beautiful star of David (paper colored with a Sharpie and propped up on a toothpick)! Ho Ho Ho! Ha ha ha!

In conjunction with my cheery mood I have organized a series of giveaways over the next two weeks! 12 giveaways! 12 days of KNITMAS!!! All of the giveaways are taking place at the Yarn on the House blog (YOTH). Over the next 12 days, Veronika of YOTH will do a blog post everyday featuring one of my patterns followed the next day by a matching yarn prize for the previous day’s pattern selection. At the end of the 12 days, Veronika will randomly choose 7 winners who will each receive a PDF pattern copy from one of the shared patterns and the yarn prize that matches! How fun is that?! The rules stay the same and all you have to do to be entered to win, is leave a comment on Veronika’s blog post following the instructions at the bottom.

The patterns that are going to be featured for the 100th post on YOTH are: Bumble Stripes, Seaweed Scarf, Walt’s Tangled Cables, Olana Shawl, Rippling Lace and Random Stripes!

There is a little sneak peek at the yarns that are included in only some of the prizes….

If you would like to enter yourself into the giveaway please do the following:
1. Read over the rules if you have not done so already.

2. Leave a comment on the YOTH #100 blog post by the end of Sunday, 12/30/12. In the spirit of our Twelve Days of Knitting, what is on your knitting related wish list this year?

Veronika will randomly pick the winners in 2 weeks and post the results along with the new giveaway, so be sure to check back. Good luck everyone!!!

OH! And one more thing!!! In the theme of the holiday spirit there is of course a coupon code! The discount is 20% off the 6 patterns we are featuring over the next 12 days: Olana Shawl, Walt’s Tangled Cables, Bumble Stripes, Seaweed Scarf, Random Stripes, & Rippling Lace. Use the following coupon code during checkout on Ravelry: YOTHSALE!, this coupon code is good through the end of the day on Sunday, January 6th, 2013.

I just wanted to give you an update about the yarn bombing that I am participating… remember the one I told you about in earlier this month?!  Well every time I don’t feel like knitting I have been crocheting some squares for the bombing.  So far I have only six squares.  I have used Sincere Sheep Equity Sport and Blue Sky Alpacas Techno in my squares.  Both are great yarns.  Here are a couple of photos of my squares.


I have been playing around with stitches and making up crochet patterns.  Crochet is definitely more forgiving than knitting so it lends itself well to experimentation.

Now they have expanded the colors to include Hot Pink, Purple and Yellow! Woohoo!!!!  I think I might be able to bust some stash!

If you really just don’t want to crochet but still want to help then you can always join in on the assembly line.  Every third Saturday of the month the Yarn Bombing LA group hosts a Stitch N’ Bitch at the Carft and Folk Art Museum.  There you can help make granny squares or just help assemble them together.  Additionally every Sunday in February the group will be at the Mastadon Mesa Booth at Fairfax High School.  So you you can always stop by there, seam a little, shop a little, grub a little.  Make a day of it!

At the beginning of the year I made myself some goals for 2012.  I put them on my blog so that I could hold myself accountable for actually reaching them.  Here is my list of goals and my progress on each one:

1. Learn to bake bread- no progress, but hopefully before the end of the year.  There is still time!  And luckily this is a task that shouldn’t take a day or two.

2. Learn to quilt- no progress, but I did buy all my fabrics and get my sewing machine out of storage. Ah ha! Here are my fabrics.  I purchased most of them from Sew Modern.



Here are all of the fabrics stacked up together so that you can see all the colors and prints in action.

3. Begin to learn Italian- nessun progresso (that’s Italian for no progress)!  But that’s okay I have plenty of time before I move to Florence, Italy.

4. Get my butt into shape- So for I bought an adult tricycle to get around (but it’s been raining lately- a great thing!!!) and I have lost 20 pounds (50 pounds to go).

5. Publish an E-book or a book book- HA! What an unrealistic time frame I gave myself! Maybe in 2013 or 2014.

6. Get organized- Believe it or not I didn’t own a desk before.  Now I have a desk a file cabinet, drawers, almost everything in my life has a place! but of course there is lots of room for improvement.

7. Learn how to plan things ahead of time- I have made so much progress on this.  Even my blog posts I schedule 7-10 days ahead of time! But this is a constant battle for me- procrastination is in my blood… its what I am made of… my very essence.  Fighting it is like fighting my DNA… it’s freggin hard! So I’m working on it and making progress.

8. Eat healthier and more vegetables (get a CSA box)- Got my CSA box! And I LOVE it!!!  I now receive the “more veggies only box” every other week.  They stay fresh much longer because they are local and don’t spend two weeks on a truck.  So not only am I eating more vegetables that are local, organic and in season, but I am getting way more creative in the kitchen!  BTW- Let me know if you are interested in Farm Fresh to You – I can get you a coupon code for $10 off your first box!

9. Eat out only 1-2 times a week- Well, ever since we got our CSA box I feel an obligation to use everything in the box.  May no vegetable go to waste! So naturally we are eating out much much much less.  Also now that I’m not working a full time job I’m not exhausted when I come home and I have a ton of energy to cook for dinner. Also all the veggies we eat give me energy, and the weight loss gave me more energy.  Its cyclical! So now we are down to eating out about 1-4 times every two weeks.

10. Plan a vacation to Europe & New York- Nothing on NY front… but I am thinking about it for the spring.  I did go to Barcelona in the summer. Sorry I didn’t blog about it… but it was right in the middle of the Olga’s Vest KAL and there just wasn’t any Barcelona blogging time… but I have to say- my sister and I had a blast!!!!!  But why don’t I share a few photos for fun?


From left to right: La Padrera, Parc Guell, La Sagrada Familia.



From left to right: Me shopping at All You Knit is Love wearing my Janna’s Tunic, a random yarn bombing in the Gothic Quarter, my sister polishing off a bowl of very Spanishy nachos and washing it all down with a hearty pitcher of sangria.

11. Self-publish between 8-10 patterns with about 5-6 garments- Hmmm….. well… this was definitely a tough one!  I self-published 11 patterns this year and 6 of them were garments.  So booyah! Got that one in the bag!

12. Finish all UFOs older than 3 years- HAHAHAHA! What a pipe dream! I did finish one UFO… and then I published it…. can you guess which one? Here is the link to the pattern… I published it :)

13. Knit another Blanket (maybe TDS)- Didn’t do TDS, even though I still want to.  I even have a the perfect yarn picked out, Manos Del Uruguay Wool Classica.   TDS my size! Even  though I didn’t knit a blanket, I have crocheted one and started piecing it together.


14. Make my own pair of pajamas- Yeah right! Another pipe dream.  Got the fabric, got the machine out of storage….  now I just need to relearn how to sew, follow a pattern, and remember how to use my machine…. aaaah! Overwhelming.  One of these days I think I’ll go to the Sewing Arts Center and take a class.