I hope you have all enjoyed the holiday season and the 11 days of Knitmas on the Yarn on the House blog!!!  We had something else planned fro the 12th day- but as you may know things don’t always go according to your plans.  So for the 12th day of Knitmas we have decided to give away 3 pattern (PDF) bundles of the 6 patterns that have been featured on the blog! That includes: Bumble Stripes, Seaweed Scarf, Walt’s Tangled Cables, Rippling Lace, Random Stripes & Olana Shawl. That means that three winners will get those 6 patterns!


To enter to win all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post telling me which of the 6 patterns is your favorite! Make sure to leave your comment by 11:59pm PT on 01/01/13.  On Wednesday Jan 2nd I will announce the winners, so make sure you check back to claim your prize! You must claim your prize by Saturday 01/05/13 or your prize will be forfeited and will go to the next lucky winner!  Good luck to all and have a happy and safe new year!

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  1. Pick just one??!! IMPOSSIBLE! They are all wonderful and unique! :) But if you insist, I guess I’d have to go with Walt’s Tangled Cables because my dad’s name is Walter and the pattern would suit him to a tee. Hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays and that 2013 treats you well!

  2. My fav is the Olana Shawl, but they are all gorgeous!

  3. They are all beautiful. If forced to pick, I’d love the Olana Shawl.

    Thanks so much.
    Yhime407 on Ravelry

  4. I love the simple stripes against the thicker texture of the Olana Shawl but to be honest I would be proud to have designed any of the choices.
    Rondy on Ravelry

  5. All gorgeous but would have to vote for the Rippling Lace……happy New Year and thank you!

  6. do I get extra points as I just cast on for the Olana shawl today?
    I love all your patterns.

  7. SUCH a hard choice, but I think Walt’s Tangled Cables wins with me.

  8. Olana is the one for me – but really do love all of your designs!!!

  9. I love all your designs. My favorite would be the Olana Shawl.

  10. I would say the Walt’s Tangled Cables. I like the simplicity of it with the twist of texture throughout. very appealing…

  11. I’m all about the random stripes. Love love love it. And I really want to win something. So I hope my name is picked. Happy New Year

  12. Love that bumble stripes scarf. The others are neat, but that one calls to me!

  13. I would have to say the Olana Shawl will be my first on but not my last!

  14. I just love the Olana! Thx for the giveaway and happy new year!

  15. Walt’s Tangled Cables is definitely my favorite – I think because makes me think of a fleece!

  16. I really like the Olana Shawl. I would really like to knit more multicoloured shawls to use some of the fabulous colours combinations I’ve stashed.

  17. I love Olana! The 12 days have been a real treat — Thanks so much! Happy Knitmas & Happy New Year!

  18. My favorite is the Olana Shawl, then the Bumble Stripes, then Random stripes, then Walt’s Tangled Cables. As a guy, I could war any of those without modification. Well, I would have to change the colors on Bumble, I can’t wear yellow.Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. I love th Olana shawl; it is my favorite. You are very generous to give your lovely patterns away. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  20. I think my favorite is either rippling lace or random stripes, although its so hard to choose! Thanks for this awesome give-away.

  21. For me it’s a toss-up between Random Stripes, or the Olana shawl. I’m a total sucker for gorgeous shawls, but Random Stripes is so eye-catching, and non-grandma-like for a knit sweater!

  22. gorgeous patterns, my favourite is Random Stripes.
    happy new year!!!!

  23. My favorite is the Olana Shawl.

  24. I was a huge fan of the bumble stripes for almost all 12 days… and then Olana stole the show! Though I think I would be interested in making any of the patterns. I think I may have knitting projects for next Christmas already figured out!

  25. I love them all, but I think the bumble stripes may be my favorite!

  26. I like them all, but the Olana Shawl is SO rich and sophisticated, partly because of the colors you chose. It’s my favorite!

  27. I love the Olana Shawl! So pretty!

  28. I like the seaweed scarf.

  29. They’re all beautiful and so hard to choose, but I think the Olana Shawl wins out. I bought that pattern and gifted it to a Ravelry friend!

  30. This is such a tough choice! Oh my gosh…..okay…….I will go with the delicious Random Stripes! My fingers are just itching to knit that. Thanks for the chance at this great give-away. Happy 2013 and happy knitting!

  31. Has to be the Olana Shawl !!

  32. Bumble Stripes is my favorite…My power animal is a bee – so it fits me perfectly!!!

  33. Definitely the Olana Shawl!

  34. I absolutely cannot choose between the seaweed scarf and the Rippling Lace. I’d make both. But which one first?

  35. They are all great but Bumble Stripes calls me me :)

  36. I like all of those patterns, but my favorite is the seaweed scarf. I wear lots of scarves and shawls, and that one looks like lots of fun!

  37. I just love the ruffles on the seaweed scarf. Ruffles are my weakness!

  38. I love them all but the Olana Shawl calls to me the loudest!

  39. I love the seaweed scarf!

  40. I want all of them! They are all great! Please, I hope I win…I love your patterns.

  41. olana’s my favorite too!

  42. I think the seaweed scarf is just about my favourite although it’s almost impossible to decide!

    Many thanks for hosting the giveaway :)

  43. I like all of them but the seaweed scarf looks particularly pretty and doable for me!

    -babyloveknit on ravelry

  44. They are all so beautiful! It’s really hard to narrow it down to just one favorite. If I had to I’d probably pick the Bumble Stripes pattern, but then I have always loved the intricate variations you can achieve with simple linen stitch.

  45. I would say Bumble Stripes is my favorite. I love any knitted item that looks woven, though I have yet to knit one!

  46. I love them all but especially bumble stripes. I have a hankering for that one. And I think I even have some yarn that would be perfect.

  47. I like the first, Bumble Stripes and the last, Olana shawl. You have a wonderful way with stripes.

  48. The random stripes pattern is my favorite. I could totally see myself wearing that with jeggings and some tall boots. Have a happy new year!

  49. I really like the seaweed scarf, but the Bumble Stripes is right behind it. :)

  50. My favorite is the Olana Shawl – I love the contrast of vertical stripes and diagonal edging.

  51. I love the Olana Shawl. Just beautiful

  52. Would love the Olana Shawl! What a pretty creation.


  53. Random Stripes – definitely! It looks comfy and cozy, flattering and fun. Would take me years to decide on a color combo, but I’d love to have that problem…..hint hint….

  54. I love Walt’s Tangled Cable scarf, and I have some alpaca yarn that would be perfect! All the patterns are great :)

  55. That’s an easy question – the Olana Shawl. It’s wonderful.
    hotknitter on rav

  56. I love the Olana shawl and in those colors too!

  57. I have to pick just one? Although I love the Olana Shawl, I think my absolute favorite is the Random Stripes pullover.

  58. My favorite pattern is the Olana shawl. I love its simplicity and its elegance. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy new year.

  59. I am planning to make the Olana Shawl as the KAL :0) I will choose the yarn this week. What fun! It will be fun to see the various color combinations as we all knit the same pattern:0) ~ peace to you

  60. I really like the Olana Shawl because of its name. In second place for me is Bumble Stripes because I’m a hufflepuff :)

  61. I really like the Olana shawl, too, but I also have to say that Seaweed Scarf has been in my Ravelry queue for quite some time. :)

  62. I really like the Olana shawl – I love the color choices and the pattern is interesting.
    Happy New Year and happy knitting!

  63. I love the Olana shawl.Thank you for a chance to win! 2013!

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