Last year I posted a list of my goals for the year – posting these goals for the world to see really worked.  I felt like I would be held accountable for them and disappoint if I didn’t reach them. I think I did pretty good last year, I tracked my progress in this post.  Unfortunately since that post I wasn’t able to accomplish anything else.  This year I have decided to do something a little different- I’m still doing goals (instead of resolutions) and this time I am breaking them down into quarters…. this was a suggestion of a friend and I thought it was a pretty genius idea.  And of course I’ll give you updates as we reach the close of each quarter.  So here are my goals broken down into quarters:

January – March:

Loose 15 lbs

Organize all closets and storage spaces – there seems to be a lot of storage spaces….

Eliminate my chocolate consumption (I think I’m an addict- at least to sugar), or at least drastically reduce.

Reduce my dairy consumption to only my morning coffee and then maybe reduce it again after that. Of course there will be exceptions like on my birthday, holidays and special occasional cheat days…. but mostly I would like to cut it out as much as possible- or at least cut out cow dairy and switch to goat dairy (which I really like), but I can’t find goat’s milk half & half…. does anyone know where I can get that?

Participate in Meat Free Mondays (no meat- go veggies!) This will be a toughie because I have a hard time keeping track of the days of the week :/ But that should be the hardest part, remembering the day of the week.  I was a vegetarian for about four years… so veggie cooking is easy for me :) But the general idea is that if we each just make one small change once a week that we can make the world of a difference.  I think this will also promote a healthier lifestyle throughout the country (fingers crossed).

Eat out only once a month – now that I get my large CSA box every other week, it’s forcing me to eat at home more that usual.  I would hate to waste veggies and let them go bad.  So am becoming really disciplined about the whole thing and really creative… I keep getting fennel bulbs and butternut squashes… every time! It’s like they have an endless supply!!! So I am forced to start thinking outside of the box when it comes to my cooking.  Last night I made mashed cauliflower with spinach and sauteed leeks (3 box ingredients- woohoo!!!) and I have to say- it was pretty good.

Self-publish 4-5 patterns (including about 3 garments) – this will be an easy one, I have the Craftsy Mystery Shawl KAL being released next month and I’m going to release between 3-4 garments at TNNA in Feb.  Check!

April – June:

Loose 15 lbs

Learn to quilt – I already got all the fabric and I have a design in my head…. is that too ambitious for a first time quilter?

Go to NY – but I wouldn’t mind if I went the in fall…. hmmm….. maybe I’ll go with my sissy when she graduates from college.  I should talk to her about that :)

Start on an e-book – I already have a few ideas in mind, so it’s just about materializing them and finding the time.

Finish one UFO (not sure which one yet, there are plenty to choose from), but at this rate I’ll have all UFOs finished in about 30 years! LOL!

Organize a rotating summer trunk show

Send in a teaching proposals for TNNA and Stitches

Self-publish 4-5 patterns (including about 2-3 garments)

July – September:

Loose 15 lbs

Finish 1/2 of my quilt

Start on a Triangles, Diamonds and Squares… Oh My! blanket XL size – Using Manos Del Uruguay Wool Classica here are the four colors I’m thinking:

The colors from left to right: Natural, Cameo, Henna & Cinnamon.  There are so many ways to arrange the squares of this blanket that I would really like to show more of the options.  The fewer colors one uses the more options there are to arrange the squares…. so even though the blanket calls for five colors and I have four pictured, I might end p with only three. Ideally I would like to make a grellow (grey-yellow) blanket, but I’m not sure if that’s just a phase I’m going through…. We shall see.

Learn how to and sew a pair of pajamas (already got the fabric) – now I just need to learn how to sew them.  I realized that the fabric store by my home just isn’t working for me.  I really like them and their choices of fabric, but it just seems like the classes aren’t working for me.  I think I’ll have to find a new place to take sewing classes.

October – December:

Loose 15 lbs

Publish an e-book in October

Start yoga – I might do this earlier, but my goal is to start before the end of the year.

Begin to learn Italiano!


It’s funny how our goals change from year to year- last year I was dead set on learning how to bake bread (which I never did).  Now I am off carbs and I have no interest in baking bread because then I’ll eat it all…. and as you can see I’m on a very tight weight loss schedule.  Now each quarter I have made a goal to loose 15 lbs- that makes it 60 lbs in one year.  Now I would absolutely love to be 60lbs lighter next year, but if I’m not 60lbs lighter and only 30lbs…. I won’t be mad.  As W. Clement Stone once said

“Always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you’ll

land among the stars.”

In this case the moon is being thin and fit and the stars are being thinner :) Did you like that?

I still want to learn Italian for when my dream of moving to Italy comes true.  I need to start preparing for that day (even though it may not come for many years).  Sewing…. ugh…. I think I just hate my sewing machine…. it’s so freggin’ clunky… it’s definitely a deterrent.  I’ll have to just push through it.

Hopefully by breaking down my goals into quarters it gives me more of an idea of a time frame to work within.  This falls into my goal last year of learning to plan thins ahead of time (which I have been doing).

Some goals have no time frame, for example I would like to start teaching more on the national level…. but something like that is partially out of my control.  Also I think I might want to move out of Los Angeles….. I’ve been here my whole life.  It might be time to move on.  I’ve never really liked it here.  But sometimes these things are out of your control and they are constant work, but you are never really sure if it will ever pay off.  So that’s why I always aim for the moon!  Happy new year!

Oh and don’t forget about the pattern sale that’s going on- it’s going on through tomorrow!

3 Responses to 2013 Goals

  1. I’m allergic to cow milk, and I cut it out of my diet a few years ago. I drink goat milk and eat goat cheese. On pizza, I just order it with no cheese. It doesn’t really affect the taste as much as you would imagine. I still enjoy it a lot. You can do it easily.

  2. I like goat’s milk and goat cheese… I just can’t seem to find goat half & half (for my morning coffee). I don’t have an allergy or intolerance, I think it would just be healthier to cut out as much dairy as possible. Oh- but I do love butter…. that’s a problem :/

  3. Very ambitious! I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you!

    Good luck!

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