Last Sunday Rory and I made a drive out to Pomona to make it for the last day of the LA County Fair.  It’s one of those things that comes every year and you never find the time to go.  As an LA native I feel it’s my duty to have gone at least once.  When I told people this is my first time they were shocked, but I guess it’s kind of like those New Yorkers who have lived in NY their whole lives and have never been to the Statue of Liberty.


LA County Fair madness


Anyway I digress.  So after about an hour drive I finally arrived.  I get there and I went straight for the fried food!  It’s okay, I skipped breakfast.  I always hear about the fair food… but it was always kind of like a myth.  Not a myth, there it was, everything fried land!  – that’s what they should call it… not a “fair.”  There were fried caramel apples, Klondike bars, Kool-Aid, Twinkies and much much more.  I went for something a little more familiar to start my day, the fried zucchini, chicken & onion rings.  It was fried madness!!  I wish I got the Twinkie…


Totally Fried!


Then I headed over to the Tapestry Exhibit.  There were so many things to look at, next time I will spend a couple of days looking at all the great things.  Two of my favorite pieces that were knit up both got 2nd place.


The first one is a lace stole knit by Kristina Lawton from Palmdale.  I am not sure what the pattern is but I think the yarn might be Wollmeise…. not sure which color or base though.


Hand-knit Stole/Wrap


Then another 2nd place winner was Gale Rugnetta from Rancho Palos Verdes.  She knit Girasole by Jared Flood.  The yarn looks like Handmaiden Sea Silk in the Orchid colorway.  I love playing name that yarn, so much fun.  It would have been more fun if everything wasn’t behind glass and I really got to cop a feel.




I also came across Best in Show for spinning by  Ken Klaus from Glendora.  I’m not sure what the fiber content of the yarn is but it looked like some sort of coarse wool.


Best in Show


Finally after isles and isles of knitting, crochet, spinning projects I finally got to the “Knitting Lounge.”  Of course this is the time I decide to leave my knitting in the car, but no worries.  I cast on with some pink yarn and knit, knit, knit away.  I sat there with Edda – she runs the lounge.  We got to talking… turns out she organizes a Fiber Retreat to Peru every year.  I think I might go next spring, sounds like fun.


Knitting Lounge



Knitting Pink



I was just about to head out and then I came across one last awesome knitting project.  The Dude Sweater, hand knit by Karen Mc Carthy of Los Angeles.  Looked like Cascade Eco Wool…. can’t be sure though.


Dude Sweater a pattern by Andrea Rangel


After a long walk I stumbled upon Heritage Square where there was the Craft Barn.  In the craft barn I met the very friendly ladies of The Fiber Ranch where they held a spinning demonstration.  They had a lovely selection of wool and angora roving that were all named after their sheep.  And all the sheep were named after Harry Potter characters.  How cute!!!


The Fiber Ranch gang


Other crafts that were being demonstrated include: Wool Carding, Rug Making, and Balloon Making.

Fiber for Carding


Then I headed over to one of the halls to go shopping.  Yes, I had a very specific vendor in mind.  When I was at VK Live I met Mary of Maendeleo African Imports.  She asked me to come visit here at the fair, so of course I did.  Here is Mary with my new knitting basket.


My new knitting basket!!!!!!!


After all of this excitement I was feeling in the mood for something fried.  Hmmm…. what should we have?  The curly fry brick!  Ha!  This thing was huge and smothered in chili and cheese, it needed two plates.  I couldn’t finish it – this is definitely a brick for 3-4 people.


Real Fair Food, mmmmmmmmmm....


After the deep fried brick I headed over to Fairview Farms where I witnessed a goat milking demo.  Yeehaw!  That was fun.  Then we went to “Lily’s Sheep Emporium”  – it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be.  I was expecting a slew of breeds to show off their fleece.  Nope.  This was a lecture on wool… As knitters I think we don’t realize how much more we know about wool than the average person, it’s pretty cool.  Here are the sheepies!




All in all it was a pretty good Sunday.  But also very exhausting.  I planned on staying for the night concert by Earth, Wind & Fire but I were too sleepy.  Next year I am definitely coming back to the fair and we will probably go several times just to make sure I see everything… and eat everything. Ha!  Can’t wait!