After many months of being unable to commit to a final layout for my newest Triangles, Diamonds & Squares… Oh My! blanket, I finally put it up for a vote from my readers.  I would like to thank all of you who voted for the layouts, you made my life a little easier.  Here are the results from when the vote was narrowed down to the final three:


The winner is….. drumroll please…… the pin wheel layout:

I’ll be working on putting this together and I hope to have it all finished by February.  Fingers crossed that I’ll have the time to actually work on this.  This version of this blanket has been something I have wanted to do for a long time, so I finally just did it! The hard part is over – deciding what the final placement of each square will be.  Now all thats left to do is seam it together and decide if weather or not it needs a border- I’m guessing it will.  Keep an eye out for my progress on the seaming and the bordering :-)

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 photo 24hr-Starry-Pinnafore-Sale-FB_zpsa812f6f8.png

I’ve been in a purging mood lately.  I’m just trying to clear out all the clutter.  About a year and a half ago Rory and I moved in together and in my laziness of unpacking my stuff I ended up with a chest full of homeless random objects.  The other day I dumped everything out and decided to keep almost everything.  But I cam across this little cotton hankie… not sure where it came from, or if it’s mine… or his… but it looks new and unused.  So it’s mine now! Haha!  I’m sure its mine… don’t remember it though.

I thought, what the heck am I going to do with this hankie?! Ah! Craft project!!! I recalled this little project from the Purl Bee and thought… “Hmmmm, that might work.” But I decided to take it to the next level.  Believe it or not, years ago, my first real crochet project was to crochet around some photographs I took.  I thought I could combine this Purl Bee project and this photography project and crochet around this lonely hankie.

So first I steamed the heck out of it… since I don’t own an iron.  Then I poked a bunch of strategically placed holes into the edge of my hankie using the pointy end of a seam ripper.


Then I browsed some crochet books I have in my “library.” I found an edging in the book Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman.  I used DMC Pearl Cotton 5 (you can get that from Joanns) and crocheted away! Of course I made a few modifications (you know how I like to follow directions).  They changes I made were: I didn’t make the peaks as tall as the book and I didn’t do the second round of peaks.  It didn’t take very long… just a couple hours of TV.   But in the end this is what I have to show!  Vuala!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Right before my trip to A Good Yarn in Sarasota, FL, I decided to pack up a new knitting project (of course).  I decided on Crashing Waves because I knew I needed a new one for my trunk show, its portable and I’ve memorized the pattern.  So I picked out this really neat white yarn from my stash that I bought in Athens, Greece when I went there a few years ago.  It is a 100% mercerized cotton with a Greek name that I can neither spell nor pronounce.

So I started knitting merrily along and decided that I wanted to knit a Crashing Waves with a huge lace portion, like I have done in the past by just modifying the depth of the pattern in either the body or the lace section.  So I got started on the lace and since this was my umpteenth Crashing Waves, about 6 rows into the lace I decided I didn’t want to knit this shawl any more.  I just wanted to be done with it.  Yes, that is how many Crashing Waves I have knit- I have memorized that pattern and I’m a little sick of it.  I’m sure you have all had that feeling – “I DO NOT want to kit this any more!” But I have to say- it’s still a great pattern, especially the first 8-10 times. Haha :)

I decided to cut this Crashing Waves short and end early, I finished off the lace repeat and worked the special short-row bind off.  And this is what I have to show for my work.  I actually really really like it and I don’t think it would look so sweet if it weren’t as small.  I’m pretty happy with the way this little project came out… I might even keep it for myself.






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Sorry it took me so long to get settled in back home.  What a nightmare of a trip that was- after missing our flight (you already knew) we got rescheduled for a flight 2 days later.  Then they delayed that flight which made us miss our connection in Toronto and there weren’t any other flights leaving that night.  So we had to spend the night there…. what a mess!  But, my sister and I are finally home and there is tons to catch up on!

I finally finished my Olga’s Vest! Yay! Can I get a pat on the back? Please?!  You have no idea how much discipline it took for me to actually knit this all the way through with all of you.  I had 6 other projects that I took with me- every time I piked up the Olga’s Vest they would cry my name.  But, I stuck with it, and then some!

Here are the final photos of my vest- before I show you… there is good new and bad news.  The good news- I lost weight in Israel because I am allergic to tomatoes and everything has tomatoes.  The bad news- my Olga’s Vest doesn’t fit me anymore.  Boohoo- I’m crying inside… Haha! I love my tomato allergy…. sometimes….

So I have a medium sized dress form that I photographed the vest on, but I had to do some serious pinning and pulling so that it wouldn’t fall off of her.  Here are the photos!




I forgot to tell you that I dropped the KidSilk Haze for the button band.  I’m not in love with the look, but I like it a lot and I’m pretty happy.  Plus this whole project was an exercise in discipline.  That’s a good thing.

Here are a couple of images of the slit that I LOVE! I added a couple buttons for two reasons- it adds a little extra somethin’ somethin’ and also just in case one of the buttons falls off the button band I have an extra one hiding in plain sight.




I hoped you all liked my vest and I can’t wait for you all to share your WIPs and FOs on Ravely!  I would love to see what you all have done and the progress you have made!

Another note- I am no longer working at the shop and will have plenty of more time for all the blogging I have been wanting to do.  I had a goal of blogging once a week- but I think I will now have time for more than that.  No promises, but I am going to try very hard!