TNNA was June 23-25 in Columbus, Ohio.  This was my first TNNA with a full booth all to myself.  I prepared for this show for months… not sure if it’s even obvious from the photos I took, but I made and designed all the elements to my booth very carefully.  I’ll be sharing some pictures of my booth, but keep in mind I removed all color from the photos because I still haven’t published or released the seven new patterns that debuted at TNNA and am not quite ready to share them just yet.

Here are some of the photos.


Everything from the garments to the drapes (not that much thought was put into the drapes) was designed by yours truly.



Here is a small photo of my side wall with my wreaths, rack and scarves hanging on a dowel that I decoupaged (but you can’t tell from this photo)



A close up of my sheet music wreaths- this was a lot of work.  This image is in actual color (there isn’t much of it).  It took weeks to dye all the sheet music.  In the center of each wreath is a photo of one of my patterns.  It’s hard to tell bu the one on the left is the Greenleaf Ascot.  Then I trimmed them with ruffle ribbon.  I actually had help in the hotel room from Heather Dixon (brilliant mind behind Army of Knitters) to roll and glue down all this sheet music.  Thanks Heather- you’re such a good roller!



Another thing I introduced was the Olga’s Vest Knit-A-Long that we will be starting in August.  Make sure to “Like” me on Facebook, Follow my on Twitter and Join my Ravelry group for all the information and updates on this KAL.  Also you can email me and ask to join my mailing list and you will get updates right in your inbox.

All in all it was a good show and had lots of fun.  My favorite part is always meeting all the shop owners and chatting it up…. like I always do.  And of course I love seeing all my friends from all over the world, I don’t get to see them very often but I love them dearly!  Ladies, it’s always a pleasure to be in your company.  I hope to see you all again soon- hopefully January TNNA.



TNNA,  Woohoo! …. thankfully it’s over.  Now I can recover for about a month or two and start planning the next one.

This post is a little over due, but when you see the little video Rory (the bf) and I put together you will see that it was definitely worth the wait.


This was the first time TNNA has ever been in Phoenix.  I am  so used to it being in Long Beach -  just a short 30 minute drive for me.  This time I had to get in my tiny little peanut of a car and drive across STATE LINE (not lines… just one).  It was quite the drive, very boring, lots of cacti.  I didn’t think my little car would make it, it was packed FULL!  I should have taken a picture.


After the seven or eight (I lost track after the one hour detour in the middle of nowhere) hour drive I finally made it to my hotel.  Yes!  The next day was set-up.  After months and months of planning of course not everything pans out exactly the way you planned, but I think I had a pretty good looking booth anyway.  Here, see for yourself:

My little booth corner


I even had those really yummy Lemon Rosemary cookies I blogged about back in September.  I packaged them up and handed them out to everyone and anyone who needed a little sugar boost.

I didn’t really get much of a chance to shmooze with the vendors because I spent all my time hanging out in my booth.  So unfortunately I can not report back about all kinds of fabulous new yarns and products.  But while I was stationed at my booth I was meeting all kinds of fun people.  Designers, LYS owners, yarn company owners and much more.  We had a little mustache party. Here is a little video Rory and I put together of all the mustache fun.  Please enjoy!



I debuted two new patterns, Olga’s Vest and the Starry Pinafore.  The Starry Pinafore has not been published yet, but Olga’s Vest has been published!  This is a vest that can be worn ELEVEN different ways.  I didn’t originally design this garment to be so versatile, but when I realized that it was I knew I had to name it after my friend and fellow designer Olga Buraya-Kefelian.  Many of her beautiful designs can be worn more than one way – love her!


The Starry Pinafore is coming soon, I promise.  I just have to do a little more math and more typing (arg).  I hope to have it ready for you in a few weeks.  Here is a little sneak preview:


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