I just wanted to give you an update about the yarn bombing that I am participating… remember the one I told you about in earlier this month?!  Well every time I don’t feel like knitting I have been crocheting some squares for the bombing.  So far I have only six squares.  I have used Sincere Sheep Equity Sport and Blue Sky Alpacas Techno in my squares.  Both are great yarns.  Here are a couple of photos of my squares.


I have been playing around with stitches and making up crochet patterns.  Crochet is definitely more forgiving than knitting so it lends itself well to experimentation.

Now they have expanded the colors to include Hot Pink, Purple and Yellow! Woohoo!!!!  I think I might be able to bust some stash!

If you really just don’t want to crochet but still want to help then you can always join in on the assembly line.  Every third Saturday of the month the Yarn Bombing LA group hosts a Stitch N’ Bitch at the Carft and Folk Art Museum.  There you can help make granny squares or just help assemble them together.  Additionally every Sunday in February the group will be at the Mastadon Mesa Booth at Fairfax High School.  So you you can always stop by there, seam a little, shop a little, grub a little.  Make a day of it!

Lets help raise crochet awareness!!! The Yarn Bombing Los Angeles group has been invited to bomb the entire facade of the Craft and Folk Art Museum on the historic Miracle Mile.  This is such a big deal!  Wilshire Boulevard is a major street and thousands of locals and tourists visit the street every day for work, appointments, museums, food trucks and more! How could you not want to be a part of this?!

Don’t worry there is plenty of time to crochet a square and learn to crochet a square- the finished squares aren’t due until March 1, 2013.  So don’t stress yourself out, knit those holiday gifts and take your time.  All the squares must be 5″ x 5″ in the following colors: bright orange, white, bright green or cyan.  Here is the page with all the details.  You can also visit their Facebook page.


I have already gotten started on my squares… so far I have only crocheted one :) .  If you forgot how to crochet a granny square, there is a fabulous tutorial on the Purl Bee blog for a basic and traditional square (my favorite).  You don’t have to get fancy, just pump em’ out- they need thousands.  They don’t have to be perfect, so this is a great opportunity for you to practice crochet and granny squares.  Here is a photo of my single crocheted square, it’s an experiment, but I did use an awesome yarn, Sincere Sheep Equity Sport! (In a singing voice) Looooooove iiiittt!!!

I hope each and every one of you can find the time to do at least one square! Major brownie points if you do :) Happy crocheting!! Oh and make sure you shoot the LA Yarn Bombers an email if you are going to send in any squares… they would like to know and give you the  credit!