I’ve been in a purging mood lately.  I’m just trying to clear out all the clutter.  About a year and a half ago Rory and I moved in together and in my laziness of unpacking my stuff I ended up with a chest full of homeless random objects.  The other day I dumped everything out and decided to keep almost everything.  But I cam across this little cotton hankie… not sure where it came from, or if it’s mine… or his… but it looks new and unused.  So it’s mine now! Haha!  I’m sure its mine… don’t remember it though.

I thought, what the heck am I going to do with this hankie?! Ah! Craft project!!! I recalled this little project from the Purl Bee and thought… “Hmmmm, that might work.” But I decided to take it to the next level.  Believe it or not, years ago, my first real crochet project was to crochet around some photographs I took.  I thought I could combine this Purl Bee project and this photography project and crochet around this lonely hankie.

So first I steamed the heck out of it… since I don’t own an iron.  Then I poked a bunch of strategically placed holes into the edge of my hankie using the pointy end of a seam ripper.


Then I browsed some crochet books I have in my “library.” I found an edging in the book Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman.  I used DMC Pearl Cotton 5 (you can get that from Joanns) and crocheted away! Of course I made a few modifications (you know how I like to follow directions).  They changes I made were: I didn’t make the peaks as tall as the book and I didn’t do the second round of peaks.  It didn’t take very long… just a couple hours of TV.   But in the end this is what I have to show!  Vuala!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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