Secrets to Perfect Garment Construction (6 hours)

In this class we will discuss specific knitting techniques and where to apply them in your knitted garment. We will discuss all the many different increase and decrease options, where to use them and how to use them to create different decorative details. We will cover how to create and customize button-bands and many buttonhole and button-loop options as well as borders, edgings and hems. Most importantly, we will learn how to take a basic garment and convert the shoulder and neck shaping into short-row shaping.

Converting Basic Garment Patterns to Include Short – Row Shaping (2 hours)

This class covers the basics of short-rows and the difference between traditional short-rows and Japanese short-rows. We will discuss how to convert a basic garment pattern to include short-row shaping in the shoulder and neckline. Together we will convert a basic pattern to include short-rows.

Create Your Own Basic Toe – Up Sock Pattern (4 hours)

Together we will properly take foot measurements and learn how to check gauge in the round without knitting in the round. In class we will learn the formula to create any toe-up sock for any gauge yarn and any foot measurement. In class we will knit a little mini-sock and learn the following techniques: Crochet provisional cast-on, short-row heel and toe, and elastic bind-off.

Gaugeless Toe – Up Socks (3 hours)

In this class we will learn how to create a basic customized sock pattern with out foot measurements or a gauge swatch. In class we will knit a little mini-sock and learn the following techniques: Magic eight cast on, short-row heel, and elastic bind-off.

Customized Log Cabin Blanket (5 hours)

Break away from the traditional log cabin blanket pattern design and create your own. In this class we will cover everything from color theory, gauge, picking up stitches (how many and where), and more. Together each student will choose their yarn for his/her blanket and create a customized design. We will discuss the importance of gauge in this class and learn how to make the student’s specific gauge work for his/her blanket pattern and design. In the last hour of the class we will discuss edging options. We will cover the four following options: Basic, Mitered & Garter, Short- row, and Mitered short-row.

Modifying a Garment for Your Body & Yarn Choice (3 hours)

Together we will take an existing garment pattern and learn how to customize the garment for any yarn choice in any gauge and how to create a better fit for your body.

Design Your Own Sweater (6 hours)

In this class we will learn how to recreate your favorite sweater pattern. We will cover the importance of gauge and correct measurements. Together we will write out a pattern that will recreate your favorite sweater exactly! After class you can apply this technique to any sweater you see in stores.

Mistakes and More Mistakes (5 hours)

Dropped a stitch? Forgot to cable? Don’t worry! You don’t have to rip out your work. In this class we will cover how to fix all the basic knitting mistakes we all make, such as a slipped stitch, split stitch, dropped stitch. We will venture into fearless frogging and tinking as well.  Then once we are comfortable with the basic mistakes, we will learn how to fix a skipped cables, dropped or skipped yarn overs and more!

Finishing School (4-6 hours)

4 hours – The finishing touches are what take your project from home-made to hand-made.  In this class we will cover all the finishing techniques needed to finish off any knitting project.  Here we will cover how to properly weave in our ends in garter and stockinette stitch so they are completely hidden, and of course how to work the mattress stitch (stitch to stitch, row to row, and stitch to row).

6 hours- This is a longer version of the class above.  In this version of the finishing school we will cover all of the above mentioned techniques as well as learning a few other finishing techniques.  We will learn now to weave in our ends in 1×1 and 2×2 rib, we will cover how to work the magic of the Kitchener Stitch and of course we will discuss and demonstrate the many methods of blocking.

Buttonholes (3 hours)

No need to avoid those patterns with buttons, now you can enjoy all the joy of buttons with out the fear of the techniques involved to create buttonholes.  In this class we will cover six different types of button holes including the one row buttonhole and my personal favorite the afterthought buttonhole.

Cables, Folds, Tucks & Pleats (4 hours -coming soon)

Cast Ons & Bind Offs (3 hours – coming soon)

Pockets (3 hours – coming soon)

Continental Knitting (3 hours – coming soon)

Combined Continental Knitting (3 hours – coming soon)

Seaming (5 hours – coming soon)

The Secret Life of Short-Rows (6 hours – more info coming soon)


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