Remember almost a year ago when I got started on that granny square blanket?  It started off as a little project to bust a little stash and some leftover yarns.  After a while this project took on a mind of its own and became something I hadn’t intended for it to be, I started buy more yarn for it!  I went crazy with this thing! It was constantly on my mind and I was always thinking about the palate of the blanket and what other yarns I could add.  Well, I finally finished it!  Drum roll please….


There are 315 squares and I used about 33 different yarns including leftovers from other projects, stash and yarns I purchased specifically for this project.  The blanket measures 58″ x 41″ after blocking and including the border.  Each square is completely different from the next– no two are alike! I finally finished one of my goals from last year! Woohoo!  Now I just have to knit up the Triangles, Diamonds, and Squares… Oh My! blanket (I already have all my yarn colors chosen, I’ll share some other time) and learn to quit to get this years goals checked off the list!

4 Responses to The Final Granny Square Blanket

  1. Oh no! I like it so much I’m giving serious thought to taking up crocheting again! I used to crochet many years ago (B.K. – before knitting) and was pretty good at it, but the last time I tried to do it, the results were beyond horrible. That was a couple of years ago – maybe you remember!

  2. Give it another shot. I only did this when I was kinda tired of my knitting (don’t tell anyone I said that). But it’s a nice change of pace and a great way to use up leftovers. And I know you have a definite palate you like to stick to, so the leftovers are all going to go together :-)

  3. After 40 years, I thought that I would never bother with crochet except to do edging on my knitting, BUT it was granny squares that changed my mind. My first crochet item was a granny square blanket, but I did bigger squares than what you are doing. It was the quickest blanket I ever did and I got tons of compliments. Your blanket is beautiful. I LOVE the color combo. I am on to Tunsian Crochet now. It is sort of a Crochet/Knit hybrid!

  4. I think granny squares are just so fun! Tunisian crochet is pretty cool too, I’ve dabbled a little over the years but nothing serious :-)

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