Very often, but especially around this time of year with the cold and dry air, my hands get so dry to the point where they begin to get rough and sometimes even crack.  Even with constant moisturizing its near impossible to keep my hands smooth and hydrated.  As a knitter this becomes a more frustrating issue because my yarn starts snagging on my fingers while I am working – and that’s no fun for anyone!

A couple of weeks ago I received a lotion bar from Milk + Honey.  It was so perfect how it came in the exact time that I actually needed something like this.  I received the Bee + Sunflower bar in the lavender and rosemary scent.  WOWZA! Not only did this lotion bar smell AH- MAY-ZING, but it did the trick!  All I had to do was take the bar and rub it on each one of my hands once, then I rubbed my hands together to get an even distribution of lotion and that was enough.  My hands were once again smooth and hydrated, but the best part of all – it lasted hours and though hand washing.  That was what I couldn’t believe.  I didn’t need to reapply after washing my hands!

I have tried other lotion bars before, but I couldn’t quite figure out why I liked this one so much and what make this particular lotion bar so special.  I visited the Milk + Honey site to learn more about the company and their products.  It was then that I found out the milk is goat’s milk and the honey is beeswax.  This is a natural product that is made out of two main ingredients that are both very rich and conditioning.  What could be better?!

Milk + Honey has been around for 10 years now and started out of a home just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  They have such a sweet and comforting family business story that talking about it here won’t do it any justice.  Just watch this video about Milk + Honey and you’ll fall in love just as I did.  I highly recommend this product to all knitters and crocheters.  It comes in many motifs and all kinds of scents, there is something for everyone!  Take a look!

The good people over at Milk + Honey are hosing a giveaway, enter here to win your very own lotion bar!

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