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Don’t forget about the Houndstooth Slouch KAL – it’s not too late to join us! Plus three lucky participants will be automatically entered to win one of the three awesome prizes!  Join a community of knitters as we all journey through the joys of this wonderful autumn-y pattern!


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This Saturday we are going to kick off the fall season with the Houndstooth Slouch Knit-Along (KAL) .  This stylish hat is knit in two colors with fingering weight yarn and using the stranded knitting technique.  Choose two solid colors or one solid and one gradient for a new and different effect when it comes to fair-isle or stranded knitting.


Join us in the Ravelry Group as we discuss and share yarn and color suggestions, discuss swatching, technique and more.  When you join the KAL you will learn how you can enter to win one of these three awesome yarn and pattern combinations.  Who knows, maybe you will be the lucky winner!  Check out these awesome prizes!!!

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Time for another Knit Along (KAL).  This time I have chosen my Houndstooth Slouch pattern.  A perfect knit for the 97° autumn season we are having here in sunny southern California.  Hopefully by the time the KAL ends we might get some acceptable autumn weather down here (fingers crossed).  This is a great knit as a gift for friends or family or even yourself… who would appreciate a hand-knit gift from you more than yourself?! Go ahead… make this one for you! I know I will be doing some very selfish knitting this time!

Come join us in the KAL in the Raverly Group!   There we will discuss yarn choices and share color options, as well as talk about technique, share secrets and tips and of course share photos of our finished projects.  One lucky KAL participant will win a pretty awesome and terrific yarny prize.  Get all the KAL details here!  I hope you’ll join.  Buy your pattern on or before 10/6/14 and you will save 30% off the Houndstooth Slouch automatically, no coupon code needed!


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Last week I announced the Olga’s Vest pattern as the next Knit Along (KAL).  We are going to get started on this KAL this Saturday, May 10th, 2014.  The KAL will end on Sunday, June 15th, 2014.  This should give us a little over a month to work on this versatile pattern so that we can wear it this summer.

The Olga’s Vest KAL will take place in the Grace Akhrem Ravelry group, where we can post questions, comments, pictures and more.  There will be three prize winners for this KAL.  The first place winner will receive a signed copy of Natural Nursery Knits by Erika Knight and a Knit for Baby kit that includes two skeins of Erika Knight British Blue Wool (one skein in Milk and one skein in Pretty) as well as three pattern PDFs of the winners choice from the Grace Akhrem Ravelry store.  Second and third place winners will receive three pattern PDFs of the winners choice from the Grace Akhrem Raverly store.

In order to to be eligible to win one of the prizes you must be a KAL participant who has posted a finished photo of your Olga’s Vest.  You must have started on or after the KAL start date and finish before or on the KAL end date.  You must post a picture of your finished Olga’s Vest on or before the KAL end date in the Ravelry group.  The more active you are in the KAL the higher your chances are for winning.

Sharing your work in progress photos in encouraged.  You can share them in the Ravelry group in the KAL thread, but you can also share them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.  Make sure to use the #OLGASVESTKAL  The more you post and share and the more of an active KAL participant you are the higher your chances are for winning.

On another side note, Mother’s Day is coming up.  If you aren’t a VIP yet and didn’t get the newsletter don’t fret, I’ll share the savings with you here! Save $2.00 when you purchase the Buttoned Lace Cowl and the Belle Gloves pattern.  Both of these are super duper quick knits you’ll be able to finish before Mother’s Day.  Make sure you use the Ravelry coupon code: MothersDay14  — sale ends Thursday, May 8th, 2014.


The people have spoken :-P   After two weeks of collecting votes Olga’s Vest won by a landslide.  Olga’s Vest won with over 45% of the votes, so guess what – that’s what were going to knit in the next KAL.

A little bit about this pattern-  Olga’s Vest is knit with a side-to-side construction.  The cowl is created using short rows and this pattern is very easily modified.  Once finished this piece can be worn about 15 ways and counting.  How is this pattern so versatile?  Well, the uniquely designed stitch pattern paired with the amount of buttons basically gives this garment thousands of buttonholes throughout the whole piece allowing for endless combinations of button placements.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear the Olga’s Vest:

I know I said that we would start the KAL this coming weekend, but I would like to get started on Saturday, May 10th 2014.  This should give everyone enough time to get the pattern, get their yarn and check gauge.  There will be a prize for the winner.  I have yet to decide what it is going to be, but it will be good (it’s always good).

The KAL for the Olga’s Vest will take place in the Ravelry Group, there we can post pictures, questions, comments and more.  A lot of the technique questions can be answered in the KAL I hosted on the blog two years ago, here is the link.

Wondering how you can be one of the prize winners? Well all you have to do is be an active KAL participant.  Make sure you post frequently, and in many places, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and of course Ravelry.  The more you post, the higher your chances are for winning.  In order to win you must also post pictures of your finished piece in the Ravelry Group on or before the KAL end date.  The KAL end date is Sunday, June 15th 2014, this will give us a little over a month to finish the vest, but don’t worry– it will go by quickly.

I hope you’ll join the KAL! See you in the Ravelry group!

Its that time of year again! What better way to celebrate Earth Day than with a sale on the Farmer’s Market Bag?! Save $2.oo off this pattern today through Saturday, April 26th, 2014.  No coupon code needed!

Time to vote for the next KAL.  I thought we could do a spring/summer garment so that we aren’t boiling over when knitting this season.  Make sure you cast your vote here (below)!!! Your options are: Aviva, Silver Lining, Rippling Lace & Olga’s Vest:

CAST YOUR VOTE – Which garment pattern should we knit for the next KAL? free polls 

 As usual there will be a prize given to one or more of the KAL participants.  The prrize will be announced along with the KAL once it has been voted on.  Please make sure to cast your vote by April 26th, 2014.  Happy voting!

Last week I promised to share photos of the finished shawls from the Striped Tooth Shawl KAL.  Here are a few of the finished shawls:

Jenni from California

Ravelry - Jensknittingstuff

Laurie from Madison, Wisconsin

Ravelry - Theschwamm

Jenny from Somerville, Massachusetts

Ravelry - orangecat

Laura from Westfield, New Jersey

Ravelry - LauraGB

Kathy from Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Ravelry - scarfaholic

I would like to thank everyone who joined in on the Striped Tooth Shawl KAL.  It was a great success.  I think everyone managed to have fun, knit a new project and create a “close knit” community in the Ravelry group.  As promised there are three KAL winners (picked completely at random),  Drum roll please….

1st prize – Orangecat (please email me with your mailing address so that I can mail your prize).

2nd & 3rd prizes – Kastsubear & Theschawmm (please email me with the three patterns of your choice from my Ravelry store).

Here is a picture of my finished Striped Tooth Shawl.  I know it isn’t the greatest picture, and the ends weren’t woven in yet.  But since I have woven them in… now I just need to block the thing.  I’ll try to get that done this week.

I hope to have more pictures of the other finished shawls later this week.  Please check back soon for the pictures of the other finished shawls as well as the vote for the next KAL that we will be starting in May.  I will be giving the options of 3-4 summery garments and of course there will be a prize!

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I am proud to present to you the Striped Tooth Shawl.  This is one of my newest patterns and has quickly become one of my favorites as well.  I have decided to kick off a KAL (Knit Along) for this pattern on the Ravelry group and I hope you’ll be able to join us. Please read below for more details and how to win the KAL PRIZE!!!

 photo 510c15a7-64b6-43c0-b453-3ba3eea6be90_zps3522153d.jpg

We will get started on the KAL on the thread in the Ravelry group on Saturday, March 15th. Here we can share photos, questions, comments, etc.   The KAL will end Saturday, April 5th so that we can get a little bit of a break before we jump into the next one.

Three active KAL participants will receive a prize. The first place winner will receive a copy of Stitch Mountain signed by Laura Zander and myself as well as two skeins of Rowan Felted Tweed in the orange and white color featured in the Slip Stitch Beanie pattern. The second and third place winners will receive three pattern PDFs (from my Ravelry store) of his/her choice.

Wondering what it means to be an active participant? The participant must post progress and pictures frequently in this thread, at least once a week. To be eligible to win you must finish your Striped Tooth Shawl on or before the KAL end date and post a picture by then as well.  Also please feel free to post pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and link back to those pages as well.  The more you post and the more places you post will increase your chances of winning.

Those are all the rules, and as always play nice (but you always do). Please feel free to ask any questions about anything related to the KAL in this thread. I look forward to getting started on this piece!

We are getting ready to start this KAL in a few days in the Ravelry group.  We start on Sunday, February 9th.  I hope you can join us.  This is your opportunity to knit the Tangled Branches slouch and/or the Reversible Tangled Branches Cowl with a community.  KALs are always fun! Lets do this!!!

I still haven’t decided which one I’m doing.  I was originally going to knit the cowl/scarf… but then I thought I might do the hat.  Now I just don’t know anymore :-/  I’m still flip flopping.  I better make a decision soon….